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I adopted "Mickey" from The North Shore Animal League America on December 28th, 2005. They told me while he was there, he was a hero. He was a blood donor to save other kitties' lives.

After changing his name slightly to "Ricky", I can't begin to tell you how much joy he brings me. He is the sweetest boy. He's funny too. Unfortunately, now that he took over the entire apartment, his new sister "Lucy" doesn't like him and is afraid of him. So she stays in the bedroom, in peace and away from him. They do catch each others' eye occasionally and when this happens, she just jumps off the bed and hides underneath. I have to split my time between the two cats because they don't get along. When I go into the bedroom to spend time with Lucy, Ricky gets jealous and sits outside the door and cries a bit.

Since coming into his new home here, one of the many things Ricky likes to do is scratch on a round cardboard scratching disc with a ball rolling in a track around it. He likes to push the ball around in the track and watch it circulate. And then he stops it and pushes it again. Sometimes, he just sits in the middle of the whole disc and relaxes (see picture). He also likes to chase after a laser light thinking it's a bug. He gets the most curious look on his face when I say, "Where's that bug?" He looks for the "bug". I let him find it but he can never catch it. He absolutely loves to jump up after a string when dangled in front of him or dragged around so he can chase it. He loves to watch the pigeons outside the bathroom window. He stands on the toilet and stares at them through the frosted glass.

He loves to sleep with me and can't wait for his chance to snuggle with me on the sofa. I can't seem to stop taking pictures of him so he has gotten to like it and becomes a clown for the camera. He hams it up all the time! He's also a goofball. He does the silliest things like moving his water bowl out into the middle of the room. He eats his dry food from a 'lying down in front of it' position and grabs the dry food out of the bowl with his paw and eats it that way. Sometimes the dry food ends up in the water bowl looking like soup.

He is a joy to have and I love him so much. Thank you North Shore Animal League America for allowing me to take home this smart, loving, adorable hero.



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