Twenty Nine Years Ago Today…

September 10 (1983), I moved to New York. My brother, Craig helped me. After packing a U-haul truck of all my stuff from the house plus loading my car, which was a Datson 310GX, I drove my car to NY while Craig followed me driving the U-haul truck.

I moved to 83 Harrison Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. Once we arrived, he helped me unload the truck along with my new roommate, Jim, who was waiting for me at the new apartment. See, a week before moving when I came to the address to look at the apartment, there was this other guy who was there at the same time to look at it. He had already moved from Wisconsin and was staying with a friend while looking for a place to live. We met and decided to share the apartment at that time.I signed the lease, went back to Baltimore to pack and in a week, moved.

After the move-in was complete, Craig took an Amtrack train back home to Baltimore.

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