Ricky Went to the VET Today

IMG_20180131_114231My “little Ricky” pussy cat went to the vet today. In the past he’s been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and Asthma. Everything’s under control. This was just a checkup today. Blood was taken so to check levels and stuff like that. He has lost weight since the last time he was at the vet. In fact, today he weighed 10.6 lbs. Last July, 2017 he was 13.4 lbs and in January of 2017, he was 14 lbs. His eating habits seemed to slow down a bit. I can’t tell if he doesn’t like the food I give him or if he’s just not hungry. He seems to be hungry all the time but doesn’t necessarily eat everything I give him. I will open cans of Fancy Feast food and give him some until I find one he likes. Then I would go to the store and get several cans of that particular kind when all of a sudden the next day he would sniff it and walk away. Don’t know what to do with him. I also microwave the food for a few seconds just to heat it slightly to make the smell to him more enticing. This works most of the time. As for him taking his pill with every meal… he will sometimes leave the pill in the pocket on the plate with the food and other times he would eat the pill pocket without the pill. I would later find the pill sitting there on his plate. Then I would have to feed him the pill by hand. I’d say he gets this pill 95% of the time he’s supposed to.

IMG_20180131_114441Dr. Slovan will call in a few days and let me know what the blood work shows. I will update here.

Feb. 3 – Just heard from the Vet. All of Ricky’s levels are in the normal high. That’s how he put it. So there is nothing showing any abnormality in his blood work. Liver function and kidneys and all that are just fine. Just got to get him to eat better. That’s all.

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