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The Demise of My Mustang…

My blue Ford the day it was hit

The morning it was hit I came outside after the bang up happened at 3:30am.

June 12, 2011
Oy! What a day I had today!!! I was woken up at 3:35 AM this morning along with perhaps half the neighborhood. Some screeching, then BANG!!! (some more screeching) then BANG!!! BANG!!! BOOM!!! Then the car alarms set off. I jumped up off the sofa in the living room, threw off my robe put on my pants and shoes and ran out to see what had happened. It looked like my car (the blue one above) had been hit along with the car in front of mine and the car in front of that one. I ran back inside to get my cellphone and my camera. Came back out to the car and examined the whole thing. My car was severely damaged on the left rear tire, drivers side door, front hood and bumper. The front of the car had been crashed into the car parked in front of mine and that car was crashed into the car in front of it. Read more… (including an update on July 1st.)