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The NATE BERKUS Show – Audience Regulars!!

Audience Regulars
On the last day of season one taping, some of the “Nate” crew pose in front of their special group of audience regulars. The four front-most people are: (l-r) Raff, Matt, Eddie & Dena.

May 12, 2011
What a whole bunch of fun it is going to the tapings of the Nate Berkus Show. He tapes his show every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday two times a day. I’ve been going a few times a week since my first time January 25, 2011. That first time was special to me because I was picked to dance for the audience and sort of became famous. Everyone loved my dancing and remembered who I was from that point on. Tonight was the last taping of the first season and it was just as special in so many ways. Read more…