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Nate Berkus Show Final Taping

Nate Show Final Taping

Us "Regulars" in the front row. (l-r) Pat, James, Paul, Sandra, Me

February 8, 2011
Sad day today as I headed to the CBS Studios on 57th Street in Manhattan to attend the final taping of the Nate Berkus Show. The Nate gang rents studio space to tape his shows from CBS, tho the show airs on NBC. Seems a bit strange but apparently it happens all around.

Paul Wolf & Allison Horowitz

Allison & Paul

I started to wonder where all the regulars were as I was the first one of us to arrive in the V.I.P. line outside. Even after being let in and going thru security and being escorted upstairs to the V.I.P. waiting area, I was still the only one of “us regulars” there. Then everyone came streaming in and there they were. Paul, Pat, Sandra, James and a few others. We chatted awhile before going into the studio where once again we were instructed to sit in the FRONT ROW! How awesome is that? Just like the last taping of the first season where I was in shock when Allison, the audience coordinator sent me to the front row. I was sure then that she would change her mind and move me. But she never did and that was a great show being taped too. One of Nates guests that day was Mrs. Oz., Dr. Mamet Oz’s wife. To this day, that episode has not aired. I don’t know why but they were saving it for some other day for some reason.

So here we were in the front row again and this time I was quite sure I wasn’t going to be moved. And I wasn’t. Good! More soon.