True Contrarian Seminars by Steven Jon Kaplan are Now Available

This is the latest one-

This 2-DVD set features two seminars by Steven Jon Kaplan. The first disc is a talk with NYU Stern Finance Society on “Why Technical Analysis No Longer Works, and What to Do About It”. Technical analysis of the financial markets was primarily developed after World War II. It initially had value as a predictive indicator, but began to show increasing signs of inaccuracy in the 1970s and become so useless in the 21st century that doing the reverse became consistently profitable. Steve explores why this is the case, and how you can continue to increase your net worth by acting in the opposite direction of what technical analysis would indicate–precisely because so many millions of traders and fund managers rely on it to make their most important investment decisions.

The second disc is a talk to a class at Johns Hopkins University entitled, “Everything You Know Is Wrong.” What does it mean to be a true contrarian? Steve explains the fundamentals of his investment philosophy and how to apply it to real-world situations.

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