Some more pictures between 10/22 and 10/27.

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10/27/03 - Getting into the 4th week these kitties have been with me, they are definitely warming up to me. They will come to me now and let me pet them and play with them. They still don't greet me at the door when I return home from being out. They also seem to still be scared when I walk into a room where they are, they'll run away as I approach. Whatever Ethel does and allows me to do, Lucy will follow about a day later. ...Oh, and... they're camera shy. They run when they see the camera. Or, they could be getting tired of me taking all these pictures.

10/23/03 This seems to be Ethel's 2nd favorite spot.

10/22/03 Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

10/22/03 Lucy in the window.

10/22/03 Lucy in the window again

10/23/03 Lucy jumped up onto my bureau.

10/27/03 This seems to be Lucy's favorite spot.

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