Pictures taken
11/22 and 12/4.

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12/04/03 - Two months. These kitties are a delight. I think they are pretty comfortable with their new home here. They still don't greet me at the door. I think when they hear me come in they scamper to the bedroom. Not necessarily to under the bed. Just away from the door. At dinner time, I'll split a can of food into their bowls and Lucy comes into the kitchen first and eats. When Ethel makes it into the kitchen, Lucy will stand aside, let Ethel eat, then when she's done, Lucy will resume eating. It's so cute to watch. This makes me think Lucy is the slightly older sibling. The picture on page 6 of them eating together is very rare.

11/22/03 - Isn't this cute? Ethel was just laying there.

12/04/03 - Here I caught her after playing in a box
of Burger King toys.

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