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10/04/04 - Today is the one year anniversary that these sweet kitties have been with me... and here's how they are celebrating... laying around together on their favorite chair.

Picture taken Oct. 4, 2004

Picture taken Oct. 4, 2004


On December 16, 2005 I got up in the morning to find Ethel passed away on my loveseat in the living room. She died of a heart attack. No explanation as to what brought this on. R.I.P. Ethel Tzitzika.

On March 16, 2018, after spending most of the night downstairs in the clubroom with Lucy because she's been slowing down a lot lately, I got up in the morning, checked on her and she was gone. Must have not been more than 30 minutes before. She was 3 months away from her 18th birthday. R.I.P. Lucy Mimika.