Pictures taken
1/22/04 to 1/24/04.

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1/20/04 - A kitty break-through today. I went out in the morning and had some errands to do and got back home at approx. 4pm and low and behold, the kitties BOTH OF THEM were waiting at the door for me. When I walked in they were both sitting there watching me come in the door. They didn't run away. Now Lucy has been near by before, but never right there at the door - and Ethel was right there too.

1/22/04 - Both kitties are starting to jump up and make themselves comfy on tables. Hmmm? Not sure how I feel about that, but every kitty I've owned has always done that.

1/22/04 - Kitties playing on the bed again.

1/24/04 - Ethel relaxes for an evening snooze.

1/24/04 - Lucy had enough of Ethels relaxing.